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After school program holds fundraiser for animal shelter

RANGELEY - One of the goals of Rangeley Friends of the Art's Creative After School Arts Program is to encourage responsible citizenship. At the root of that lesson are good deeds in action. The students’ first chosen mission is to employ the basic principles of sustainable enterprise to support the Franklin County Animal Shelter. CASA students will host a fundraiser on Saturday Dec. 9 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lakeside Theater during the annual Mountain Holly Days seasonal event in Rangeley.

Our business model has been to work with basic supplies, to recycle materials and uncover opportunities to re-purpose what’s at hand to keep costs minimal and give the students an imaginative, self-directed experience. The students are being encouraged to recruit help, ask for donations, promote the fundraiser and have ownership of every detail. It’s also been an artistic outlet and a character building opportunity.

The hand painted rock series can serve as weights for desktops and tarps or anything that’s needs support, as well as gifts, worry stones and inspiration. There will be handmade Christmas crafts, snow globes, fragrant sachets, baked items etc. The students will also be collecting linens, towels, pet collars, leashes, pet toys etc., as well as cash/check donations. The focus is to allow these students to have ownership of this effort with support and encouragement from CASA volunteers and staff.

Individual donations of sewing, baking, crafts are welcome toward this effort. Please bring your contributions to the Theater before 10 a.m. on Dec. 9. All creative abilities are welcome.

For more information about CASA, visit and click on the “CASA” tab. To have your child (grades 6-12) attend this free program, stop by the Theater for a CASA Registration form available in the brochure holders outside the theater entrance. The program is supported by the United Way of the Tri Valley, The Simon Family Fund, The Maine Community Foundation, Franklin Savings Bank, Dallas Plantation, Rangeley Plantation and private donations. FMI contact the RFA at 207-864-5000,

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