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DDG’s Pretty Little Liars Word Game Contest results

We had a sensational response to our contest, with over 35 entries. Thanks to everyone who entered! To recap the contest, the winning entry went  to the best single, complete sentence using all eight titles in the Pretty Little Liars series. (Wanted, Killer, Heartless, Unbelievable, Flawless, Wicked, Perfect, and Pretty Little Liars)

The Grand Prize Winner, and new owner of both enduring fame and a $25.00 DDG Gift Certificate is Al Diamon for the following sentence:

Among the Maine gubernatorial candidates, there are no pretty little liars, not because this year’s contenders are flawless, not because any among them comes close to being perfect – none is likely to escape, on occasion, being thought wicked or heartless or just plain unbelievable, a common consequence for politicians possessing that killer instinct often found in those who have wanted something so much, they would do anything to obtain it – but simply because none of them is either pretty or little.

We are also awarding the following Honorable Mentions!

Most Unanticipated: To Woody Hanstein for...

This is unbelievable, but last Saturday night Wicked Pete wanted some killer weed, so he pries this perfect, flawless diamond off his fiance's wedding ring while she's at yoga and goes to see Big Bertha Jones, because he's heard from a bunch of those pretty little liars turning tricks down on Mumford Street that Bertha's holding some serious weight, but that heartless cow had actually been wearing a wire for the DEA for weeks so now Pete's back in jail and his old lady isn't too happy with him either.

Most Compact: To Molly Reid for...

“Pretty little liars,” the heartless killer whispered, his perfect – no, flawless – nay, unbelievable white lips parted in a wicked smile – oh, how he wanted them!

Most Persistent: To Jane Naliboff (7 entries) for ...

A wicked sharp blade cut through the flawless skin of the perfect face of heartless Maya, an unbelievable act that the pretty little liars wanted to experience, not on themselves, but on a killer.

Official DDG Store Sentence: (Hotly contested and picked from staff entries by an impartial, out of state judge) to Amy Graham for...

Gaah, it was truly unbelievable, Richard thought in disgust, that those pretty little liars with their killer looks and perfect masks of sweetness had succeeded in such a flawless execution of what, in hindsight, must have been their heartless plan all along to drink him into a stupor and relieve him of his poker winnings when all he’d wanted was to drink a few Pete’s Wicked Ales and enjoy a bit of harmless fun.

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  1. I didn't realize that most of the entries didn't appear on line. Al's and Woody's are marvelous; I never would have tried to compete had I seen them....One would have to be an accomplished fiction writer to compete, and both are....

  2. If this type of contest is repeated, think about having divisions: perhaps one for professional/published writers, one for nonprofessionals, and even a children's division. This was fun. Thanks.

  3. That's a great idea Ann. Thanks.
    Joan, the contest was all about fun, and it would have been a lot less fun without your great entries. I especially enjoyed the way you made your commentary on the contest into an entry!