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“Ever Heard of Her?” available at Devaney, Doak & Garrett Booksellers

FARMINGTON - Devaney, Doak & Garrett Booksellers is thrilled to be the exclusive launch-week distributor of "Ever Heard of Her?" by Lisa Savage, with signed copies available.

U.S. Senate candidate, book-lover, and Solon resident Lisa Savage’s "Ever Heard of Her?" invites us to look more closely at the accomplishments of nine women who reached the top of their fields, but never seemed to break into public consciousness. Spanning the scope of artists to athletes, labor organizers to surveillance experts, this book explores how sexism (and in many cases racism and homophobia) diminished these women’s accomplishments and, in some cases, resigned them to obscurity.

Through research, analysis, and illustrations, Savage has written an accessible book for all ages that can be used as an educational text or simply an enjoyable exploration of some of the drivers of American culture who have been left behind by a male-dominated historical record.

About the Author, Lisa Savage

Lisa Savage is a longtime educator from Solon, Maine, currently running for U.S. Senate. In a life dedicated to public service, Savage has worked to make Maine and the United States more equitable, more peaceful, and more aware of the looming climate crisis.

About the Illustrator, Ruby Pfeifle

Ruby Pfeifle is a student, athlete, artist, and actor from Gray, Maine.

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