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Free outdoor jazz concert provided by ArtsFarmington

The State Street Traditional Jazz Band.

FARMINGTON - ArtsFarmington is proud to bring to Farmington the State Street Traditional Jazz Band on Saturday, Sept. 12 at 5 - 7 p.m. for an outdoor concert at Titcomb Mountain Ski Area. This will be a free live performance as a gift from ArtsFarmington to the community. Contributions will be greatly appreciated to help defray the costs of bringing this joyous music to the area. Seating is strictly limited due to state CDC guidelines, so pre-registration and reservations are required—including registration for family members and those from your social bubble with whom you plan to sit. Reservations can be made at or by calling 778-6285.

Face masks are required as is strict social distancing. Bring-in food and wine is allowed as are blankets and low-folding chairs. There will be a rain date of Sept. 13 with a notice posted on the ArtsFarmington website if needed.

The State Street Traditional Jazz Band, whose members are all from Maine, performs vintage New Orleans Jazz dating back to the authentic origins of this music at the turn of the last century. Their repertoire includes familiar early jazz songs, blues numbers, and old New Orleans spirituals. Favorites from this era include: When the Saints Go Marching In, Has anybody Seen My Gal, Saint Louis Blues, and over 150 other songs from that time period.

The music performed by the State Street Traditional Jazz Band is not Dixieland, nor is it “straw hat” music. It is a living art form which, outside of small dedicated portions of New Orleans and a few musical festivals worldwide, one will otherwise not hear played. It is traditional New Orleans jazz as it was played in the early 1900’s and is the root of all jazz music today.

Band members include: band leader and founder John Page on trumpet, Peter Dunphy on banjo, Doug Protsik on piano, Barry Daniels on clarinet, Parker Kenyon on trombone, founding member Tom Wilbur on tuba, and Bill Thurston on drums.

John Page has been playing the trumpet since he was 8 years old. As a young cadet of the Maine Maritime Academy in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, John shipped out of the Port of New Orleans. While there, he was thrilled and captivated by the sounds of true New Orleans jazz played by the 'Original' Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Eventually, he was fortunate enough to meet and over many years be mentored by some of the greatest authentic New Orleans jazz musicians from the turn of the last century. These mentors learned their music in its original form from their parents and grandparents.

Peter Dunphy is a genius of banjo, guitar and vocals. He has been playing since age 14. He successfully ran the Bellamy Jazz Band with his late father, Roy Dunphy. Peter studied classical guitar at the University of Southern Maine. He continues to play in multiple bands throughout New England and still co-manages the Bellamy Jazz Band.

Doug Protsik has been a giant in the music scene of Maine for 45 years. He has played the piano since age 5. He is also known throughout the U.S. and abroad for his fiddle and accordion folk music. Once a guest on “A Prairie Home Companion,” Doug is also the gifted protegee of silent movie pianist, Danny Patt, who was a founding member of the State Street Traditional Jazz Band. Doug also directs the Maine Fiddle Camp and continues the tradition of accompanying silent movies as well.

Barry Daniels is well-known as a gifted clarinetist, which he has been playing since age 9. He has played in the WW I Veterans Marching Band, Bellamy Jazz Band, National Sidewalk Over Easy Brass Band with Strings, and is a founding member of the State Street Traditional Jazz Band. His greatest musical influence is the renowned Portland Symphony clarinetist, Maurice Lane.

Parker Kenyon performs in the band on trombone and tuba/sousaphone. Although he has playing music for over 40 years, he is considered the babe of the band. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, and a copious multi-instrumentalist. Parker also plays with Pat Colwell and the Soul Sensations, Little Pat Colwell Band (LPCB), Jason Ward, Volunteers Jazz Band, Bath Municipal Band, Coastal Winds, etc. Parker is all heart and one amazing talent.

Tom Wilbur, on tuba, is a founding member of the State Street Traditional Jazz Band and he frequently plays in multiple other bands throughout Maine. His wonderful technique and passionate style have won him many fans. He is a master in his field and loved by many.

Bill Thurston, on drums, has played with some of the finest bands in Maine: The Bobby Nelson Trio, Modern Times, Lew Graves and the Persuasions, The Generation Gap, Standard Edition, and The Bellamy Jazz Band. Engagements with these bands have taken him from Moosehead Lake to The Copley Plaza in Boston. He frames the band effortlessly with his style and joy.

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  1. Come and enjoy the State Street Traditional Jazz Band . They were at the Wilton Blueberry Festival and people loved them. The put on a great gig.

  2. My young sons are looking forward to attending this concert this evening.
    So am I !