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Mt. Blue Theater Company staging student-written ‘It’s Kind of a Long Story’ on March 16 & 17

The cast of It’s Kind of a Long Story

Molly Gurney and Jon Lesko rehearsing for It’s Kind of a Long Story

FARMINGTON - It’s Kind of a Long Story, a one act play written and directed by Mt. Blue senior Julianna Labul, is a tale filled with adventure, comedy, and hopeless romance. The Mt. Blue Theater Company ​performed the original play in this year’s Maine Drama Festival in Skowhegan on March 9 to a wildly appreciative audience.

At the festival, special commendations were given to Labul for writing and directing, and a special "Ensemble Comedy Acting" award was presented to the entire cast. Seniors Jon Lesko and Tommy Eng were nominated to the Festival All Cast for their acting performances, and judges praised the madcap comedy of the piece calling it "zany" and "fun, just fun."

The story, inspired by a dream Labul had, invites the audience to take a stroll into the storybook which tells the exaggerated tale of how a young boy, Calvin (played by both freshman, Charlie Eng and senior, Tommy Eng), found himself. Labul states: “Dreams do come true, quite literally in this case.”

The “choose your own adventure” style play is filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and friendship while addressing important issues including personal loyalty and sexual orientation. Junior Rowan Jellison narrates the tale with a game-show-host-like persona, and the story is a perfect example that life is an adventure, and sometimes it’s important for a person​ to get lost before they find who they truly are. Other seniors appearing in the show include Caleb Hutchinson as the mattress, a guard, and a pirate, and Cailyn Correllus as the Water Mister and Therapist.

On March 16 and 17, the play will be performed on Mt. Blue Campus at 7 p.m. along with Mt. Blue Middle School’s production of “Hamlette.” Tickets will be available at the door for $3 and $4.50.

Jeb Sullivan and Caitlin Zamboni.

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