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New art exhibit at CV library

The Carrabassett Valley Public Library & Community Center announces a new photography exhibit by Sue Murphy.

CARRABASSETT VALLEY - The Carrabassett Valley Public Library & Community Center announces a new photography exhibit by Sue Murphy during the months of January and February of 2019.

A Wine & Cheese reception will be held on Saturday, February 2 from 4:30-6pm. Please join us to meet the artist and enjoy her beautiful photos. You may view the exhibit now through February in the CVPL & CC Mon-Fri: 8-5 and weekends during the library's open hours. The library winter hours are: Tue-Sat: 10-5 & Sun: 12-3.

From Sue:

I’ve dabbled in photography since I was a teenager, my interest piqued by an older brother who was always popping around a corner with his camera to catch a candid shot. He had an in-home dark room where he developed black and whites and though I was never involved in the chemical processes, I remember the smells of developing, and was always intrigued by how you could capture a moment in time and slowly see it come to life. A photo, to me, takes what might otherwise be an ordinary moment destined to be lost amongst life’s millions of memories, and ‘seals’ it forever as something to be remembered.

From novice to experienced photographer, I believe I am an experienced beginner, and as such, am so very grateful to the Carrabassett Valley Public Library to show some of my photos...what a thrill! I most enjoy photographing people...a fraction of a second image taken at the exact right moment can reveal more than words could ever say. I like snapping shots of nature, landscapes, animals, buildings...looking at the photos, editing, there enough light? Is the composition right? Is there anything that makes this photo interesting? How can I take a better photo?

Right now, photography is a hobby squeezed in between my work in the social service arena and other obligations...I look forward to the future when I have more time to devote to this hobby I am passionate about.

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