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Norridgewock author releases new book

NORRIDGEWOCK - Newly published author Deb Brown recently published her book, "Moving To A Higher Zip-Code- A memoir" about her accidental spiritual journey and it is now available on Amazon or at Balboa Press.

Moving to a Higher Zip Code is a heartfelt and honest snapshot of one woman’s life. It is the no-holds-barred account of how Brown reached her “higher zip code” — and a tutorial of sorts for readers to reach their own higher zip code.

Brown vulnerably shares details of a dysfunctional childhood, addictive relationships and behaviors, dark nights of the soul, family tragedy and betrayal, and more in a voice that is relatable and highly authentic. She stumbles and falls — but she also picks herself up in a way that is both instructional and inspirational.

Brown's “accidental journey” is synchronistic at every turn.

Over the years she developed a passion for writing and sharing her stories. She faced her husband's cancer in her own way while questioning the existence of God and her reason for being here. Through her challenges she kept fighting for and believing in something greater.

When she had reached perhaps the lowest points in her life she found a Unity church in the right place — at the right time.

In Moving to a Higher Zip Code, Brown shares the wisdom and experience that opened her to self-love and self-care; learning to believe and trust in synchronicity and the universe; finding her soul mate; and ultimately discovering inner peace.

"I invite you to tear back the cover of this precious gift and get lost in its pages. With each twist and turn of Deb’s “accidental journey,” as you face your own shadow and light along the way, I hope you find your own place in the world. We all deserve a higher zip code of our own," Brown said.

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