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Paint the hall blue with the Pat Pepin Project

Pat Pepin

VIENNA - A fun change of pace coming to the Vienna Union Hall on Saturday, June 15 at 7 p.m. will be some fine and lively blues with the Pat Pepin Project. Pat knows the blues from the inside out. She comes to the hall with her band consisting of Emily Davies on bass, and Frank Dionne on piano and accordion.

Pat is a fine singer and songwriter who has produced three tight, easy-rockin’ Blues albums. She plays a rocking tenor and soprano sax and trombone and guitar and sings a with a powerful and soulful voice. Her three CD’s “In it for the Long Haul”, “I’m Ready” and “Blue Stories” navigate seamlessly from mellow blues to rockin’ blues. Upbeat and fun, the Pat Pepin Project will make you laugh, dance and cheer! She performs with conviction and power, infusing her music with heart-felt emotion, treating the audience to a Blues experience like none other.

Pat grew up in Maine where she began her musical career singing in the church choir. Her first musical instrument was purchased for her by her mother and grandmother using S&H green stamps. Her first saxophone came from a pawn shop. Studying Jazz, she graduated from the University of Maine with a bachelors degree degree in music. She was busy learning and playing at various venues until around 2001 when she attended the blues festival in Rockland and realized this kind of music was what she had been doing all along. She has worked at many things including being a long-haul trucker and a hospital clerk while along the way honing her musical skills.

“Anyone who knows Pat Pepin knows that she REALLY is "In It For the Long Haul". She is a fully committed songwriter, singer, musician and entertainer. Pat writes stories of life, love, joy, and sadness, above all else, Pat Pepin is a storyteller. She pulls her ideas from the life scenes around her as well as her own life. ....She can be bluesy, saucy & tart, smooth, jazzy, flirty, and playful. Pat has always had the ability to articulate what women feel about men, love and relationships. Women can really relate to a lot of Pat's songs. A lot of us have been to the places that Pat's been, we are just not able to put the emotions into words quite the way that she does. ” Liz Betit, The Hallowell Record

“Live the life you love and love the life you live”? Well, if there is anybody who leads their life by those words any truer than Pat Pepin, I’ve certainly not come across them as of yet. I have known Pat for about eight years and in that time I have come to know her as not only as a talented musician and somebody that is extremely fun to hang around with, but also as somebody who just cannot get enough of performing, She is constantly looking for the next jam or gig as soon as one ends. If possible, I believe the girl would go 24-hours-a-day, non-stop giving you everything that she’s got.” .. Greg Johnson Cascade Blues Association

Tickets for the Pat Pepin Project are now on sale for $12 each. For more information or to purchase tickets: call 293-2674, email or buy them online on the Vienna Union Hall website.

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