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Poet’s Corner: Autumn Once Again

Autumn Once Again.

Autumn Once Again
by Greg Zemlansky

When the Harvest moon shines so

bright and the farmer’s fields are


Each tree shows-off its wondrous


The leaves of colors swirl in the wild

wind’s embrace.

Autumn once again fills nature’s space

with beauty in my face.

It’s the season for sweet apple cider,

frumpy sweaters, and eerie-looking

pumpkin faces.

The summer birds have taken their

singing choruses to different southern


When each leaf thinks it’s a beautiful


Autumn once again is whispering a cool

breeze in my ear.

When a warm blanket and a cup of hot

chocolate is needed.

It’s a shame that Mother Nature’s beauty

has conceded.

There’s a nip in the air...crisp, cool, and


Autumn once again reminds us all that

winter will soon be here.

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