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Poet’s Corner: Autumn Storm

Autumn Storm by Greg Zemlansky

I step into the sunlight and feel the

cool fall breeze.

The sun rays alluring the beauty of

the colorful trees.

Distilled by frosty nights the leaves are

in prime fall colors.

The blowing wind chases the hapless

leaves as if they were a bunch of runaway


Autumn clouds have stirred-up a storm that

has etched the blue sky to darkness.

A growing dark closes in like some kind of

thick fog engulfing the solitude of wonderness

A distant mountain hunkered down in the mist

grizzled against the wetting sky.

A hear thunderous thunder and see a lightning

bolt with a flashing reply.

The maturing sun comes back after conspiring

the warm day to cease.

Wispy wind whips around the harvest fragrance

to release.

If for only a moment the fear of “Old Man Winter’s”

nasty sting.

Wonderment of how soon it will be here and what

snows will he bring.

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