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Poet’s Corner: Bloodthirsty Mosquito

I looked in the air and what did

I see?

A blood-thirsty mosquito coming

at me!

Buzz dancing from the left side

to the right.

Around my sleepy head in the

bright light.


Whack and a loud smack; I finally

got you tonight!

You needle-nose prick; you made

me itch, dig, and scratch last night!

Why did you want to bite me

again; I would like to know?

Is it because you can’t get enough

of my aging, sweet blood; you

pesky dumb mosquito!


I really would like to know why

you thought you could take

another bite of me?

Maybe you thought the first time

it was so easy and sneaky.

You didn’t warn me that I was

your feast!

You miserable no good blood-

thirsty mosquito; you are now



By Greg Zemlansky

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