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Poet’s Corner: Chester Greenwood and his own inclement time of a world wide pandemic

by Paul Mills

So here we are this Saturday December 5

It is quite a lucky day for us to be alive

It is, you know, the day after the birth-day

Of the person to whom we are to pay

A well earned tribute and give him his due

For just yesterday he would have been one hundred sixty two!

So, please come forward here

And let us give thanks to the man of many years

Who did so much to help shield our ears.

And in the process was protecting the nation’s health

Was a way which also led to a small bit of wealth.

Even as we prepare this day for a major storm

That we hopefully will not mourn

We are reminded too that Chester endured an era that was like our own,

A bit inclement

For he thus lived in a time that was also a major pandemic

For in the winter of 1918-1919 did many of his townsmen succumb

To a flu that was on a major run

The victims included the postmaster of our town

He was Joe Linscott, from a family of much renown

So while thanks to Chester our ears

Did not have much to fear

And though there is resistance

To keeping our distance

Let us also believe that it is also not too much to ask

To put on our mask

Chester Greenwood Day – 2020

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