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Poet’s Corner: Christmas in Farmington

Christmas in Farmington
by Greg Zemlansky

Christmas in the small town of


What a beautiful sight to see each


A silent chill of the cold morning

awakens the towns people of


There’s excitement of jolly

laughter, carolers, and holiday

fun in the air.

The store windows are decorated

with gifts waiting to be sold.

There are cheerful people all along

the town’s roads greeting the young

and old.

Our Ho, Ho, Ho, friend from the North

Pole is finally here!

There are children of all ages huddled

around Santa whispering in his ear.

A fireplace at a local tavern warms

up the chilled hands and faces.

There are town’s children frolicking

in the snow in different places.

Christmas in Farmington is a special

time of the year.

Too bad Christmas in Farmington only

happens once a year!

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