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Poet’s Corner: Days of Summer are Ending

Days of Summer are Ending
by Greg Zemlansky

The leaves are changing and so is the


It’s time to put away the summer shorts

and put on a frumpy sweater.

There’s a crispness in the air that greets

the sun rising.

The red rose weeps a tear knowing the

days of summer are ending.

A wispy veil of frosty dew covers the

remains of dying flowers.

Colorful leaves not making a sound

falling softly from almost bare trees.

Squirrels hoarding in their full cheeks

fall’s fruit of labor;

scurrying to a secret stash hiding place

way from his neighbor.

Leaves guided by the north wind to

land in an unknown place.

The crackling sounds are heavenly

from a warm fireplace.

Halloween is near and Thanksgiving

is coming;

harvest days are here and summer

days are ending.

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