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Poet’s Corner: Going Viral

Going Viral
by Chan Woodcock

Hunkering down is a challenge!
After you hunker for some days,
Thoughts breeze by.
Teleconferences with Oncologist.
Didn’t drive to city.
High Risk, I’m told.
Then, my wife and I embrace-
Seems to be more
Contemplative and Concerned.
Quarantine caused
Spring Cleaning to
Prematurely arrive.
All those black and white photos of
Halcyon Days.
Do they still have us in sight?
Plenty of time to ponder.
Plenty of time to wonder.
Plenty of time to realize that
World has uniquely paused-
At a Social distance, Together
We must be.
Haven’t held my Grandchildren’s hands.
Hunkering down is a challenge!

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