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Poet’s Corner: Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To
by Sarah Carlson

Numbers –
so concrete,
easy to compare.
One definitely worth either
more than, less than,
or the same as another.
It’s clear what their relationship is,
once you know the rules
and how they operate.
And then there’s us,
we humans,
with our varied and complex interweavings.
It is so often said that we are all created equal,
yet there are those who seem to believe
they are greater than,
constantly needing that ‘fact’
to be seen.
Likely they may actually feel less than
somewhere deep within,
and so the need to prove.
By stepping out into the natural world
it’s easy to behold true equity and balance.

Fledgling tree with changing leaves
sways in a cool fall breeze,
waters of a nearby pond
ruffle and reflect,
mountain backdrop stands
full, strong, and steady.
One part of the scene no greater
or less than the other,
each having an equal part in the grandeur.
The human who takes a pause to notice
fills with the clean, clear energy
of that equality.
Once again grateful
for the teachings of nature,
she moves forward
with more clarity on board.

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