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Poet’s Corner: I Remember

I Remember by Greg Zemalansky

When life itself was easier and

less worries.

The sky was bluer and the air

a lot fresher.

When we said, ‘hello’ to our

neighbors and not lock our


When kids played games

outside instead of playing games

on a computer.

When you didn’t have to worry about

getting shot walking down a street

each day.

When ‘money’ wasn’t what life was

all about.

Drugs were used to help one’s health

and not take it away.

When you didn’t worry about saying

the wrong racist thing blowout.

When sodas, ice cream, and candy

were all good for you.

When going to school was to learn

and not to die.

When a contract was an outstretched

hand that meant a verbal deal of new.

We talked to each other on the phone

and not text each other good-bye.

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  1. Very well Said