Franklin Countys First News

Poet’s Corner: In the Summertime

In the Summertime
by Greg Zemlansky

Birds all have a different song
to sing.

Bees buzzing to find the next
flower to zing.

Pine trees becoming Palm trees
swaying in the wild breeze.

The sky has no peace with the
thunder and lightning unease.

The clouds look like giant cotton
candy to eat.

The air is hot and hard to breath
in the summertime heat.

The sky is pink with sunset colors
of orange and reds.

The warmth for the campfire
quickly spreads.

The evening crickets start-up
their own melody.

It sounds like a home-made
summertime symphony.

Fireflies twinkling their tail-
lights in the night sky.
Just like the shining stars do
in the summertime.

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