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Poet’s Corner: It’s Spring

It's Spring
by Greg Zemlansky

The sun comes out shining a
smile so bright.
Birds are singing with a
cheerful delight.
Daffodils push, push up
through the ground.
Crocus snowdrops start to
bloom and blossom all

The soft rain pitter-patters
on the roof top.
Jump, Jump, the green frog
splashes in a pond with a
There will be plenty of work
for the honeybee today.
Flower to Flower, they fly and
buzz,buzz, on their busy way.

Tiny spring buds ready to
happily arrive.
Skeleton tree branches start
to come alive.
Beautiful butterflies flutter
their wings as they fly.
No longer do the white-frosted
butterflies fall from the sky.

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  1. Springtime
    When the Sunshine
    Feels like Moonshine