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Poet’s Corner: Nature’s glory

Nature's Glory

There’s a rich green meadow with yellow

buttercups on which rest the sunshine.

A narrow hiking trail that leads to a

secret hide-a-way coastline.

The ocean never sleeps as its creamy-

white splashing waves crash upon a

deserted lonely rocky rock.

A sea of seagulls resting in the bay

in a minute’s notice ready to flock.


The only sounds to be heard are loud

and noisy screaming gulls and the

wailing of the crying wind.

The westward strong breeze was

accompanied by sneaky showers

of unkind.

On a high rise rock, listening to the

rowdy roaring ocean’s water is a

white bird that sees it all.

The sun rays reflecting a home-

made colorful rainbow in the



At sunset, who wouldn’t stop at what

they’re doing to observe God’s beauty.

The view from a summit of a mighty

mountain is the crowning of nature’s



-Greg Zemlansky

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