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Poet’s Corner: Old Man Winter Has a Plan

Old Man Winter Has a Plan
by Greg Zemlansky

His eyes are as white as his fallen


His breath is freezing cold at

zero below.

His arms have squeezed all the

fall colors on display.

Everything he touches turns to

a snowy day.

The trees shiver from their tops

to their rooted feet.

His icy breath has put ‘Mother

Nature” to sleep.

Soak up the warm friendly sun

while you still can.

‘Frosty’, ‘icy’ and ’Snowy’ are

in long range plan.

They’re a nasty bunch he’s quickly

invited to his snowball.

Let’s not frigid and slippery that

are on call.

“Old Man Winter plans to give us

a wide ride;

he also has freezing rain and sleet

by his side.

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