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Poet’s Corner: Old Mother Hubbard Squash

Old Mother Hubbard Squash
by Angela Ferrari

It was mid-autumn and Old Ma Hubbard went to her cupboard.

Original artwork by Angela Ferrari.

“I know what I’ll do! I’ll make a squash stew,
Now into the pot all of you!”

She put on the pot until it was hot
ready to make her brew.
She called once again for her little squash friends.
But they didn’t follow her cue!

"Please do as I say without delay!
Get into the pot don’t be tardy!"

"Sorry old lady.
Another day maybe...
But tonight we are having a SQUASH PARTY!"

"Well for goodness sake this must be a mistake
I want to have a squash bake!"

The Patty Pan said "No way man,
I’d rather play patty-cake!"

The Crookneck wore a fancy bow tie,
then danced with the sweet little Sugar-Pie.

Cha Cha Kabocha played the maracas
to the delight of the Delicata.

Ol Ma Hubbard was feeling quite flubberd.
"Get into this pot!" she roared.

But the butternut squash started to MOSH
with the Acorn and the Gourd.

Then a squash named Spaghetti threw some confetti.
The Carnival Squash had a ball.

The Kuri felt like rumbling with the sweet little Dumpling
the two of them started a brawl.


"Hey, settle down," Ol Ma said with a frown, "I need to make some stew!"
Baby Boo yelled, "Boo-hoo to YOU!!!"
as it stamped on ma Hubbard's shoe.

"Oh my gosh, what naughty squash!
Whatever will I do?”

Just then came a sound from a gourd on the ground.
"Hello, Ol Ma. Howdy do?"

"I’m gonna put a stop to this Squashy Bee-Bop.
You call me Ol Hubbard too."

"I’ll help you old dame cuz we have the same name
and all of these squashes I’ll tame!"

Then the Hubbard squash put the kibosh on all of this squashing debauchery.

"Let's stop this hogwash and show some panache.
We need to behave properly!

Ol Ma grew us from the ground from in a lovely dirt mound.
Then watered us every day.

She picked us when ripe without any gripe.
Now it's our duty to repay.

Let's make her a stew the best one we can do!"
Then one by one they obeyed.

The squash jumped into the pot without any fraught.
Soon a stew was made.

Old Ma invited the whole neighborhood to taste her delicious brew.
They all took a bite then said with delight "Ol ma Hubbard we THANK YOU!!!"

Angela Ferrari is a painter, children's book author/illustrator based in Portland, Maine. She is the creator and host of the Story Spectacular podcast.

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  1. Thank you for posting this "Goofy Gourd" story Daily Bulldog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone:)