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Poet’s Corner: Old Pine Tree

Old Pine Tree
by Greg Zemlansky

Twisting branches spanned high. wide and some
on the ground.
Cool breezes rushing through its new green
needles to be found.
The spring sun peeks through the wind-blown
creating dancing glimpses of sunlight rays
that elapses.
Its shaded canopy featuring feathered birds
of all kinds to rest.
Some collecting small twigs and old dead
pine-needles to build their nest.
The mild-warm sunshine and the spring
bringing out the blooming buds of the
spring flowers.
The pine smell intensifies the freshness to
the spring air.
The old pine tree’s root tentacles partly
camouflaged by nature.
Misty pesky showers find a way to soak
up the old pine tree’s dirt part.
Glorious joyous colorful colors warms up
everyone’s heart.

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  1. Thank you Greg for a beautiful poem about Spring.