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Poet’s Corner: Outside of Industry, Maine

Outside of Industry, Maine
By Charles Day

In a lonely old graveyard high on a hill

Granite sentinels stand forgotten and still

Silent reminders of bygone days

Family plots, markers, and graves

Carved for history are the dates and the names

Standing on a hill outside of Industry, Maine

Resting places of people and the past

Names carved in granite and marble will last

Rackliff and Taylors so quiet they lay

Together forever, joined along with the Days

Butterflies and bees dance and play games

Quietly on a hill outside of Industry, Maine

Grass is thick and green it grows

Forgotten are the days of cold and snow

Clearwater Pond lies in the valley beyond

Things are different, the old folks are gone

Now there’s a highway where once was a lane

Below the cemetery outside of Industry, Maine

Farm houses are now empty, there is no one around

Surrounded by fences built with stones from the ground

Sunken down graves show proof of their age

A history of people not written on page

While down at the crossroads the signs are the same

Below that old graveyard outside of Industry, Maine

A quiet old place standing alone on a hill

Where Muddy Brook flows through ole Allens Mills

The school yards’ now empty where children did play

The old store is vacant, they’ve all gone away

It’s a quiet old graveyard at the end of the lane

Standing high on a hill outside of Industry, Maine

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