Franklin Countys First News

Poet’s Corner: Resolutions


by Greg Zemlansky

The Christmas holiday season has filled

the air with joyful cheer.

Now it’s time again to make my

resolutions for the New Year!

The biggest one would be to lose more

than one pound!

Not to be so over-weight and

big around.

I’ll try to limit my appetite for

a big dinner at lunch.

I’ll try to learn how to smile and

not frown so much!

I’ll try to exercise and walk a

little more;

And watch my budget not bouncing

checks like a basketball anymore.

I’ll cross my fingers and legs and

bite my tongue;

When someone says you’re

all wrong!

I’ll calm my nerves and not get

mad in line;

Even though I’m losing

precious time!

I’ll try to control my road rage

without flipping the bird!

I’ll try not to say that four

letter word!

I just wonder how many resolutions

I’ll keep for how many days;

Before their all gone and I’m back

to my old ways!!!

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