Franklin Countys First News

Poet’s Corner: Santa

by Greg Zemlansky

It’s that time of year again
for Santa to appear!
His long journey from the
North Pole is near.
He has a long beard of white
the same color as the snow.
Santa wears a red suit from
his head to his toe.
His red and white coat almost
looks like a jumpsuit.
Black polished wide belt to
match his shiny black boots.
A red hat with a white fluffy
ball on top.
Santa has it tight on his head
so it won’t drop.
He has a funny sounding laugh
‘HO! HO! HO!’
It shakes his round and plump
stomach like jello.
Santa is ready to fill empty hung
stockings with treats.
He will bring presents to put
under the tree while we’re
under the sheets.

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