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Poet’s Corner: ‘Silence’ by Carole Trickett


Come - come precious silence,
the silence that is deep,
not the absence of sound.
I invite you into my body
so that I may listen -
so that I may listen
to the spirit within myself -
so that I may hear -
so that I may hear,
the spirit in others.

This presence in my head,
melting streams of salmon, green and blue,
felt in my throat as
a column of tangerine tension,
a voice edging up to be heard.
In my heart,
a dance of earth’s shining ores,
copper, gold and silver,
their movement held in soft rose.
Deeper into my body, my solar plexus
holds the presence of silence,
a garden of spicey pink flowers
growing in the earth of my soul.

- Carole Trickett, April 2015

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