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Poet’s Corner: Spiritual Revival

Spiritual Revival by Greg Zemlansky

The silent stars in the timeless

heavenly skies;

the beauty of God’s nature

before our eyes.

We often wonder about life

and how it is perplexed.

How we live with troubled

difficulties excessively vexed.

How our days can be annoying,

oppressed and frustrated;

feeling of irritation, hatred and

vigorously stressed.

The human thinking can be

angrily provoked with extreme

demonic exasperation;

driven to a point of corruptive

overpowering outbursts of deadly


The human element pushed to

a limit of what is wrong with


Lifestyles that have changed

from prayer to distressful,

harmful gun fight.

Our complicated personal daily

lives need spiritual revival;

if we the people of this world

want peaceful survival.

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