Franklin Countys First News

Poet’s Corner: Summer Days

Summer Days
By Greg Zemlansky

Lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer
perfect for swimming, fishing, and
School kids on summer vacation
playing non-stop from morning
til evening.

Lush green grass bursting forth
reaching for the clear-blue sky.
Over-anxious honeybees looking
for nectar buzzing quickly by.

Blooming flowers spraying their
pleasant fragrance in the warm
breeze everywhere.
Burgers and hotdogs sizzling on
grill slowly smoking barbeque
aroma in the air.

Skimpy clothing showing off
six-pack abs and cute butts
squishing summer shorts.
Tennis balls flying through
the air at outside tennis

Summer days dripping the cold
ice-cream on your hand.
Young children at the beach busy
making sandcastles and sticky mud
pies from the sand.

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