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Poet’s Corner: Summer Season

Summer Season
by Greg Zemlansky

Summer is such a beautiful colorful

season of the year.

All of lush green and dazzling

vibrant appear.

Perfumed scents from all the flowers,

shrub bushes, and trees.

The butterflies fluttering and the bees

buzzing in the summer breeze.

Mesmeric sunrise blazing rays in the

first light.

Blooming roses in a glowing display

in the daylight.

Fluffy cotton white clouds being

pushed about.

Rippling crystal waters shine to

reflect the summer clout.

Fireflies sparkling with their own

tiny flashlights.

A symphony of noises in harmony of

sweet delights.

The stars twinkling shine with the

help of the moonlight.

Pity the soul who doesn’t see how

the summer season is full of bright.

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