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Poet’s Corner: Summer’s Day

Summer's Day
by Greg Zemlansky

The chirping of the birds creating a

sound track for each summer’s day.

The sun doesn’t have to maneuver

through clouds in its way.

The hot land gets a sudden burst of

rain full of watery seasoning.

The summer’s day heated breeze

whispers in your ear; kissing and


Shadows finding a way to hide behind

a tree sneakingly;

from the sizzling summer’s day muggy

heat of humidity.

The soothing and crystal clear sky is

like an ocean’s paradise of blue.

Shadows following you everywhere

as the stifling sun plays peek-a-boo.

No matter how many years may pass;

I’ll always love this time of year I


To capture once again my lost youth

in a summer’s day.

Somehow a summer’s day never seems

to last long enough;

with all the enjoyment excitement

enhanced by old memories of the

good happy stuff.

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  1. lovely, breezy, summery bilt of nostalgia.