Franklin Countys First News

Poet’s Corner: The Lake

The Lake
by Greg Zemlansky

Time is cradled when looking at
the baby-blue lake for awhile.
The calm and tranquility is so
peaceful; it’s easy to unwind.
The lake at one time was freezing
ice-cold; but not today.
The younger generation wildly
splashing in the water at play.

The older generation claiming all
the outdoor chairs for a noon-time
A small boy of about four trying
his first diving board dive into
the lake.
Gets a running start to the tip and
then chickens out; maybe next year.
A boat passing by changing the soft
ripples into giant rolling waves
rolling to the lake’s pier.

Dogs looking for a refreshing swim
come out shaking up and instant
A summer lake brisk breeze whips by
and cools off the burning hot skin
for awhile.
The smooth water is like a mirror
reflecting the vibrant colors of the
sunset on the lake.
The hot steamy blazing rays of the
hot sun becomes absorbed by the
twinkling darkness of the moonlight.

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