Franklin Countys First News

Poet’s Corner: The Month of October

The month of October is when
the air is turning cold.
The leaves are all changing to
red, orange, brown, and gold.
The leaves are floating quietly
and slowly coming down.
Creating a colorful carpet on
the ground.

The month of October full of
glowing trees and colors of
bright to charm the eyes.
Flying geese honking over-
head forming V’s.
Tiny frost bites from the cool
morning forming on the lawn.
Listening to crystallized leaves
being stepped on.

The month of October there is
poetry in motion in the air.
The wild cool wind scattering the
fallen colorful leaves everywhere.
A hint of winter coming on this
freezing cold day.
‘Old Man winter’ will soon be on
his way.

-Greg Zemlansky

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