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Poet’s Corner: The Peace of the Pines

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Carlson)

A poem by Sarah Carlson.

The Peace of the Pines

Setting out into the woods
she slides one foot in front of the other,
finds a tentative rhythm
on the changing surface.
She decides to climb
to the top of the ridge,
skis a few loops
as anxious tensions release,
replaced by the pleasure of
physical exertion and
Reluctant to head back down,
once more she makes her way to the top,
recognizes a gentle knowing
that’s drawing her there.
Pausing in the familiar stand of pines,
she allows her breath and heart to settle.
She watches and listens
as sun-kissed trees sway
in diverse winds
against the backdrop
of a brilliant blue sky.
In the sights and sounds of winter woods,
understanding slowly comes
and the heaviness of collective sadness
lightens a bit.
She takes a deep breath,
smiles and remembers
that, as always, Nature knows.
Though each tree stands separate and singular,
their roots hold the ground together.
Isolation and connection
right there in front of her eyes.
Filled with the wisdom of the woods,
the peace of the pines,
she gratefully, gallantly
turns toward home.

Sarah Carlson
March 15, 2020

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  1. Love it!

  2. How true! Thank you for this beautiful poem, Sarah!