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Poet’s Corner: To Our Children

To Our Children
by Sarah Carlson

We love you.
The questions you have right now
make sense.
It’s okay to wonder and ask.
As teachers, family, friends
we are answering as best we can.
We understand
that you want those answers
to be clear and true.
Sometimes we adults
just have to calmly say,
“I’m not sure,
but here’s what we know.”
And even that changes
from day to day.

Remember that there
are things we do know for sure.
The solid earth is still spinning
so that the sun rises
to greet each new day.
Our majestic moon moves
through its predictable
and lovely phases.
Beautiful cloud formations
come and go
as varied winds blow.
So, whenever you feel unsure,
raise your gaze to the sky,
take a breath,
notice the beauty
of the natural world.
Look into the eyes
of someone you love
and just be
in that moment.
Open a book and
let its story unfold.
Grab a pencil
and let yours do the same.
And, don’t forget.
We adults who are your teachers,
family, and friends –

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  1. Sarah, beautiful and so timely. Thank you. Marilyn

  2. Beautiful ❤️