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Poet’s Corner: Wintry Twilight

Wintry Twilight
by Sarah Carlson

Crisp air, crunchy snow, waning light,
solstice looming.
I rush to fit in a quick ski
after an energizing,
yet tiring day.
Tension slips away as
my skis glide on the grooming.
The familiar fullness
that comes
in the company of trees
and sky
and self locomotion
feels welcome.
I stop for a moment to
breathe it all in,
gazing up
to a crescent moon
drifting above
bare branches
as they tickle
the wintry twilight sky.
I slide
into the evening.

Carlson's book The Radiance of Change is available for sale at Devaney, Doak & Garrett Booksellers. The Radiance of Change was written as part of Carlson's path of healing following the death of her husband, Barry. It is about loss, yet more accurately it is about what one can gain from choosing to move into the challenges of adjusting to the changes that life inevitably contains. Carlson is a longtime Mt. Blue Regional School District elementary school teacher.

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