Franklin Countys First News

Poet’s Corner: Wow

by Greg Zemlansky

Wow...I look in the mirror and what
do I see!

Wow...a stranger looking straight back
at me.

With wrinkled skin, a long white beard
and hair.

Wow...who is that strange man that is
standing there?

Wow…today I woke up and moved
slowly as I can.

Wow...try to stretch but the cramps
set right in.

I try to stand up at least I gave it the
‘Old College Try’. arthritis makes me sad
and I start to cry. is here as I am looking
in that same mirror reflecting me.

Wow...I see how old I have come
to be!

The hourglass of life has sifted the
time sand.

Wow… I know God has my golden
years in His Holy Hand.

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