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Rick Charette concert on Nov. 12 to raise money for playground improvements

An alligator invites passersby to the Nov. 12 concert, featuring Rick Charette and The Bubblegum Band at Mt. Blue High School.

FARMINGTON - Rick Charette and The Bubblegum Band will be performing live at a public concert on Nov. 12, raising money to add all-inclusive playground options to W.G. Mallett School and Cascade Brook School.

Charette, a Maine resident with a background in education and music, has 30 years of experience performing for children. He has created a dozen CDs, picture books and DVDs that have sold nearly half a million copies throughout the United States.

The concert will be held on Sunday, Nov. 12 at the Mt. Blue High School auditorium, beginning at 2 p.m. Tickets are $8 at the door. All proceeds of the event will go toward funding the work of a special committee seeking to create more playground options for students of all abilities. That includes handicap-accessible equipment.

"The goal is for all children - in wheelchairs, walkers and with other physical, motor, cognitive and/or visual impairments to be able to enjoy the playgrounds," Mallett School Principal Tracy Williams said previously.

The "Fun For All" committee came about after a group of parents and grandparents asked for more options for the students who are wheelchair bound or face daily motor challenges. The school has already installed a "Wheel through Arcade" using money from a Physical Education Program Grant that allowed students in wheelchairs to practice arm exercises. The committee is gathering funding and ideas for other similar playground equipment that could equalize recess and free time for all students.

For more information contact Tracy Williams at Mallett School at 778-3529.

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