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St. Valentine on St. Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine

Today is Valentine's Day and to gain some insight on this celebration we are joined by St. Valentine himself, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

St. Valentine: It's my pleasure Kenny, and I want to wish everyone a wonderful day today, filled with warmth and affection.

Kenny: I was going to ask you for your thoughts about the holiday of which you are the patron, but I get the sense you are well pleased with it?

St. Valentine: Oh I am! It was Chaucer, of course, who gave the day its focus on love and romance. The Parlement of Foules is one of my very favorite poems. I love the beginning!

A gardyn saw I, ful of blosmy bowes,

Upon a river, in a grene mede,

Ther as swetnesse evermore y-now is,

With floures whyte, blewe, yelowe, and rede;

We are all the better for spending time in such gardens with those we love, even if only in a dream.

Kenny: That really is a lovely passage!  How do you feel about the Holiday itself as we celebrate it today?

St. Valentine: Well, I like the exchange of cards, something physical. Maybe I'm dating myself, being from from the 3rd century, but I do think too much communication today is ephemeral, and to me Valentine's Day is all about the expression of permanence.

Kenny: Not at all. I couldn't agree more. Are there any Valentine's Day traditions you particularly like.

St. Valentine:  I favor the idea of reading something to your loved one, either something you've written yourself or a favorite passage.

Kenny: That is a nice idea. Can you share another favorite passage with us?

St. Valentine:  Sure. This is from Prometheus Bound! 

Music is in the sea and air,

Winged clouds soar here and there,

Dark with the rain new buds are dreaming of:

Tis Love, all Love!

Kenny: Thank you so much!

St. Valentine: Not at all!

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