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The Hanukkah Heat Contest

When one sees a glaring imbalance in life one's natural inclination is to correct it. Each holiday season we see a new batch of Christmas romances being published such as A Highlander for the Holidays, Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish, and A Texas Christmas. What of Hanukkah Romances though? Think about it for a moment. The shocking truth will appear quickly. There isn't a single Hanukkah bodice ripper in existence! That's why we're launching Hanukkah Heat, a new line of books to fill this glaring void with books like...

The Reluctant Rabbi

Rabbi Sam Davidson, serious and seriously handsome, was passionate only about Torah studies. Ruth Rosen was the most widely courted young woman in town. All eyes are on the dazzling Ruth but she has eyes only for the bookish young Rabbi. Ruth was in the office, polishing  the congregation's menorah and setting its supply of candles in neat, suggestive stacks and Sam was in the library delving into Talmudic lore, when they are unexpectedly trapped together in the Temple by a sudden spring snowstorm. Can Ruth awaken a different sort of passion in Sam's scholarly breast?

Captured By A Maccabee

Sunday School teacher Esther Klein, widowed untimely, had settled into a life of uneasy calm. This Sunday was passing by just like the last 28 Sundays had passed since Marvin's death. Esther put the kugel she had prepared at home for snack time into the Temple's oven and walked into the crowded classroom. Suddenly, an odd shimmering light appeared behind her accompanied by a crackling hum. From out of the light a Maccabeen warrior from the 2nd century BC burst forth, his bare, rippling chest, brawny thews, and giant sword seeming somehow out of place in the Sunday School Classroom. With a shout the warrior leapt forward, threw Esther over his shoulder, and bounded back into the portal. Would Esther ever return to the 21st century, would anyone realize a kugel was left baking in the oven, would she find love in the brawny arms of Mattathias? All that Esther knew for now was that life had taken a decidedly spicier turn!

Other book suggestions we have received and that are already in the pipeline:

We'll All Do the Hora!

Brazen Shamash

Lighting Her Lamp

Eight Steamy Nights

Under The Menorah

The Rakish Cantor

Still, this is barely a start, so we're having a contest to get some more potential titles in the works. Just submit your title below. Add a brief synopsis too if you like. The grand prize will be a DDG t-Shirt and lasting fame.

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  1. I'll bet you get attempted orders for those "books" above!

  2. Leah's Luscious Latkes

    Lovely and unattainble Leah works the grill at the Second Avenue Deli. Unbeknownst to her coworkers and friends, she carries a torch for freight deliveryman Reuben. But when the city faces a cooking oil shortage, Leah and Reuben see each other less and less. Leah must take matters into her own talented hands to get him back. This sizzling tale of fried food and fraternization will leave you feeling festive!

    Holy Oiled Hunks

    ...yeah, no description necessary.

  3. Men and Norah
    Norah has just been dumped by Levi, the latest of a string of eight boyfriends (“it was nice at first, but, I don’t know, the passion just didn’t last...”), and again she can’t stand the sight of all the places she and Levi used to go to - even the local bakery’s challah seems to have lost its taste. So again she finds herself packing her things, preparing to go someplace new - but this time she can’t decide where to go. London? Boston? Seattle? For several weeks she lives indecision...until one day, walking home from candle-making class, she sees a poster advertising an eight-week trip to Israel (a smiling woman wearing one of those blue and white star of David scarfs, with the caption, “Come to Israel - all your hurts’ll vanish!”) Suddenly she finds herself on a cruiser, gliding toward the holy land. And then, just as suddenly, in the ballroom one night, she finds herself in the muscular, tan, capable arms of Aaron, a handsome oil industry executive - and a new passion is alight. Will Norah find a home in Israel? Will Aaron be able to keep her flame burning this time? Will she be able to find one of those scarfs?