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The PLL word game contest

FARMINGTON - Lovecraft once wrote that "the most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." Pshaw, I say! There are deep waters out there that need to be explored. Let's make a case in point.

You want to win a $25 DDG Gift certificate. You want to gain enduring fame for your love of words. You are being told that Wanted, Killer, Heartless, Unbelievable, Flawless, Wicked, Perfect, and Pretty Little Liars are the eight titles of a book series. So how do all these things correlate in a positive way?

Well, all you need to do is enter our PLL Word Game Contest. To enter just compose a single complete sentence using all eight titles in The Pretty Little Liars series. Here's a sample sentence to get you started. There are no restrictions as to theme for the contest.

It was a flawless sunset, and Amanda, even if she had wanted to, was not heartless enough to spoil it for Nate, not because it would have been wicked, nor because he was a killer boyfriend, I mean it was unbelievable that they were going out together, but because it truly was a perfect sunset and Amanda was just not willing to be counted among the pretty little liars on such a beautiful evening.

The winning sentence will receive a $25 gift certificate and enduring fame. Enter the contest either by posting below or clicking here May the best sentence win! (Contest ends on Tuesday, August 24th)


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  1. [oh, it was supposed to be all one's the correction:]

    I know it sounds unbelievable, but I really wanted to be the perfect killer, though my gang, who are all a bunch of pretty little liars, said I wasn't heartless enough, that I could never do it, but I did have a plan for the flawless crime and my plan was wicked good.

  2. You must realize, my pretty little liars, that a wicked, heartless killer like me can find perfect satisfaction in the flawless execution of what I have long wanted: retribution for your unbelievable betrayal.

  3. Unbelievable, she thought, looking past her perfect view to the heartless killer in her yard who practiced his flawless technique while keeping one wicked eye on what he most wanted: those deceitful songbirds, those pretty little liars fluttering around the feeder.

  4. I suggest the writers also weigh in on the best one (not their own). So far, I vote for Leigh.


  5. In order to impress her newly acquired friends who she referred to as the "Mommy Moguls," Jeanne wanted to demonstrate her unbelievable creative culinary skills and decided to submit her "Killer Kumquat Jam," "Wicked Heartless Artichoke Dip," and "Perfect Piece of Lobster Tail Paella," confident that she would win since she had ensured a flawless first place by paying those pretty little liars, the judges.

  6. Even though you are a bunch of pretty little liars, I wanted you to know, despite your killer and wicked ways, I still carry an unbelievable love for each of your flawless souls , which are and so entirely perfect, that I would be heartless not to tell you all.

  7. It's closing date, August 24th, and I was surprised at the unbelievable paucity of killer word players, especially men, and wonder if they thought they wouldn't fit the category "pretty little liars", or that they couldn't compete with the flawless and perfect entries already in, or.....

  8. Well Joan, if you are interested in manly entries take this...
    And then The Flawless appeared from the mist, a trim East India merchantman loaded down with bullion and everything else a pirate might have wanted, tacking against the wicked easterly wind, which could be a killer in these latitudes, perfect, but wait, two 32 gun frigates appeared behind the Flawless and The Captain’s mind reeled, those pretty little liars in the Gibraltar tavern had misled him, the heartless wenches had been British agents!

  9. Now, on the subject of paucity, it may interest you to know that there werre in fact many entries submitted by email, and it has been a very strenuous judging situation indeed. Look in the Bulldog for the full results shortly. Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries online here!