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West Farmington author publishes second book in mystery series

Author Louy Castonguay

FARMINGTON - After the success of her first novel, local author Louy Castonguay has released a second mystery in her Charlie Henson series. Her new book, Child’s Keeper, finds retired paramedic Charlotte (Charlie) Henson embroiled in international intrigue.

The story begins when Charlie, a Franklin County resident, discovers that the great granddaughter of her friend Susie, Shirley, has gone missing, along with her two young daughters. Charlie soon learns Shirley has fled to Canada and travels there to investigate, sporadically aided by an old friend, police officer Ronny Curtis. Once across the border, Charlie learns that Canadian authorities have taken Shirley’s eldest daughter into custody, possibly with sinister intent. As Charlie attempts to rescue Shirley and the girls, she herself is kidnapped, building up to a desperate journey by snowmobile in the face of a devastating winter storm.

Louy Castonguay is a double graduate from UMF. Her first degree in 1989 was in Community Nutrition, with a minor in chemistry, the better to plot murders, she claims. Her second degree, in 1994, was for the newly developed BFA in Creative Writing. She has worked at various jobs throughout Central Maine, including shoe shops, egg plants, wool mills, various office jobs, finally spending time as a volunteer driver for Community Concepts. Life experiences along the way have given her much material for her books.

Louy is currently hard at work on her series, doing other promotional activities. You can currently find her on Facebook or email with ‘book’ in the subject line.

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  1. I hope this book sells as well. It is a good read..clean mystery..ty Louy for another good book..for those that are sick of opening a book with graphic sex scenes or fowl language..or blood and gore this definite the books for you to them.

  2. This is wicked cool! The first book was a fun little old style murder mystery like an episode of Murder She Wrote. I bet this will be just the same kind of fun read as Neighbor's Keeper! I think it's great having our very own Jessica Fletcher in town!

  3. He Fred, you should read it. Has more advent6ure, more "terrain" travel. Next comes Twins Keeper, takes place largely in Androscoggin Country.