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Bartlett Memorial United Methodist Church works toward steeple repair

The lift and church.

JAY - Bartlett Memorial United Methodist Church at North Jay is repairing the steeple that has been a beckon in the community for a long time.

Historical roots of Methodism go back to 1794 when early Methodist circuit riding preacher Jess Lee preached in Jay, Maine. Early Methodism included home church gatherings and a later meeting in the grange. The Methodist Society was formed in North Jay in 1850 by a quarry stone cutter, Charles Williams.

Bartlett Memorial Methodist Church was constructed in 1877 on a part of the Bartlett farm owned by Mr. & Mrs. Hannibal Purington. Mrs. Purington's parents were Mr. & Mrs. Ichabod Bartlett, pervious owners and Miss Margaret Holts great grandparents. Pastor George Donald and wife Marjorie were North Jay residents and long-time dedicated workers for the church. The church is open for Sunday Worship at 9 a.m. with prayers, singing and Hearing of the Word of God from Bible Scriptures. The church has a Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Parish Thrift Shop ministry offering lightly used clothes and household items for $2 a bag, with some items marked with the price.

The shop also offers a Prayer Space sitting area for those who want to pray or ask volunteers to pray with them. A note pad is provided to place a name on the prayer list.

A Children's Reading Space is provided for children to color, play or have a volunteer read to them while their parent shops.

The repairs for the steeple required a lift to remove the old parts. The cost of repairs and lift are large and any gift donations are welcome. Bartlett Memorial United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 5222, North Jay, ME 04262. State: Steeple Repair.

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