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Farmington D plans for expansion

The Farmington Diner

FARMINGTON - Rachel Jackson, owner of restaurant Farmington D, will be giving the 1950s themed restaurant an authentic addition: a renovated rail car diner from the same time period. Jackson, who has owned two other Maine restaurants, will be incorporating pieces from the original Farmington Diner, which she had moved to her property in 2008 following its closure, into a similar 1950s rail car diner she recently purchased from Connecticut. The Connecticut diner has similar features to the Farmington Diner, like stainless steel ceiling fans, and the structure’s integrity will allow for the renovation efforts Jackson was unable to perform on the fragile Farmington Diner.

Jackson, who has been in touch with the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, would like to incorporate the Farmington Diner’s glass windows and sign into the newly purchased rail car to offer a nod to the town’s history. Other than those plans, Jackson is still envisioning what role the rail car diner will play alongside her current restaurant.

“I don’t really know what it’s going to look like yet,” Jackson said. “Maybe it’s connected to the restaurant I have now, or to the side somewhere. Maybe we do something where we bring in just one party. I would love community input. It’s just a vision right now.”

The 16-by-48 feet Connecticut rail car diner, which seats about 50 people, will be moving to the Farmington D restaurant property on May 28, at which point Jackson hopes to begin the renovation process. Farmington D will open following COVID-19 closures on June 3. For more information on Farmington D and future developments about the rail car diner renovation, visit

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  1. The D is getting bigger? Great news! I hope they can keep it up!

  2. I visit in wilton a few times a year. often have lunch at your place. exciting, the 50's are my time. good luck.

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