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Farmington Horsemen’s annual banquet held recently

Scholarship recipients this year are Sarah Neal and Hanna Hilton, at right.

FARMINGTON - The Farmington Horsemen held their annual banquet at the University of Maine at Farmington's North Dining Hall on Saturday, Feb. 4 with 70 attending.

It began with a social, supper, meeting, awards and action. During the meeting Mike Cushing welcomed special guests Katie Damon of the Promotional Board, Diane Perkins of the Maine Breeder’s, and Don Marean, a representative from Augusta and each of them had a chance to speak.

Bob Cushing gave a report on what was going on the track and explain what expenses there were on the track equipment because it was getting older like most of them. He spoke about what money had come in over the year from donations and action.

Zoe Blue Chip earned the most money, owned by Pam Smith, Jayne Dipompo, and Charlene Cushing.

Mike Cushing told a few track stories. This year awards were: Aspiration Award went to Tom White for all he does to help the horsemen out at the track.

The best 2-year-old Shoog owned by John Korhonen, the late Neal Tranten, and Mike Cushing. Best 3-year-old Mercenary owned by Jeff Nelson and Michelle Nelson. Most wins Mister Anson with seven owned by Darrell and Jessica Tibbetts. The fastest Trotter Roadshow Vic 1:55.1 owned by Mike Cushing and the late Neal Tranten. The fastest Pacer Bet You 1:50.4 owned by T.R. and Scott Dillon.

The last award was for most money earned was Zoe Blue Chip made $52,000 owned by Charlene Cushing, Pam Smith, and Jayne Dipompo.

Gloria Cushing presented student scholarships to Sarah Neal and Hanna Hilton. The horseman raise the funding by holding 50/50s at the races during Farmington Fair and donations.

After a short break an auction was held and the money went to help maintain the equipment and track. The winner of the 50/50 donated it back to Farmington Horsemen.

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