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FC Retired Educators presents award to long-time member

Debbie Smith, President of FCRE and Doris Tripp.

FARMINGTON - Franklin County Retired Educators president Debbie Smith presented a Certificate of Honorary Membership for her Commitment and Service to Doris Tripp.

Doris received her Bachelors Degree from The University of Maine in Farmington and her Masters Degree from the University of Southern Maine. After starting at the primary level in Strong, Doris taught grade 4 in Wilton at Wilton Central, Cushing , and Academy Hill Schools. She retired after 27 years in 1996.

FCRE members Jean Mitchell and Arline Amos, (whose 2 sons recalled their experiences in Doris’s classroom,) Doris’s son Brent and daughter-in-law Annette Tripp , Debbie Smith all enjoyed a fun-filled visit recalling the days of yore when they were all part of the school scenes.

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  1. Doris is certainly worthy of this recognition. I was fortunate to teach with her at Academy Hill School for many years. We also took part in scoring writing prompts at the Hinckley School. She cared deeply about her students' progress. I'm happy to see her chosen for this award.