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Franklin County Democrats hear from Maine Democratic Party Chair

Kathleen Marra and Ashley McCurry (seated front) with members of the Franklin County Democrats
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FARMINGTON - The Franklin County Democrats hosted two speakers at their monthly meeting on Sunday, May 5, in Farmington. The Maine Democratic Party Chair, Kathleen Marra of Kittery, spoke first. She described her personal experience of diving deep into political engagement following the 2016 election, first as an activist and then increasingly as a party organizer, moving through different leadership positions at the town, county, and state levels. Elected this past January by the Maine Democratic State Committee, with an enthusiastic endorsement from Governor Mills, she hit the ground running. Mara described an active scene at the MDP, with new people coming on board and new positions being created in preparation for the 2020 elections. To learn more about the MDP, visit

The second speaker of the afternoon, Ashley McCurry, is a former fundraiser for the MDC. Her current position, however, is as the Executive Director for Emerge Maine, which works to train Democratic women to run electoral campaigns, and she herself is a graduate of the program. Emerge Maine is increasingly recognized as a significant political force in the state, especially as the network of alumnae and supporters grows. Currently two Franklin county women have participated in the training, which is a six-month, 70-hour program. McCurry hopes to recruit more women from our part of the state. Applications for 2020 are open May 15 through June 30. If you are interested in the program or know someone who might be, or if you want to find out more, their website is

And to keep up with what the Franklin County Democrats are doing, please visit

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  1. The Democrat Party would be very wise to examine and return to the values of the Kennedy Administration,,,Why ? Because if President Kennedy were alive today he would be a Republican.
    He would not stand for the bias damage that is the forefront of the Democrat Party today. He would be disgusted with the loud mouthed newbees in the House and Senate. JFK would send them back to school to learn American History so they would not embarrass themselves and our country with their stupid nonsense and outburst in public. He would put America first and not ride the train of division and revenge. Keep on that railroad and the Democrat Party will not only loose in 2020..They just might loose any value they might have left to the American Voter.'
    Start a return back to a meaningful party that had ideas and value and start it right here in Maine...From 'Not Fake News'...Good Night and Good Luck.

  2. The REPUBLICAN Party would be very wise to examine and return to the values of the LINCOLN Administration.

    BTW, "loose" and "lose" have different meanings.

  3. Marie E....That's it ? That is all you have ? Criticize my misspelled word.?

    You are an perfect example of not having an open mind because of your anger toward President of the United States Donald Trump. That is why the Democrat Party will lose again in 2020... I appreciate the 'English lesson but why don't you read the history of the JFK Administration and you will find out what a real Democratic Party was like and had respect.

  4. All would be wise to take on true Christian values.
    (Something that actually works for a change).

  5. "What would Jesus do?" That could work if not manipulated and misrepresented.

  6. I can't tell if the Bald Eagle troll is serious or just being ironic when they talk about a party losing values and "stupid nonsense and outburst in public". It's almost like they don't have a twitter account or follow the long term effects of current foreign policy or something. Plausible deniability is a psychological defense mechanism of the weak minded but if you are being ironic then you are very funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Marie,
    This is the very 1st time I have agreed with you (I believe).
    True Christlike values are indeed working...
    But you won't see any of "that" on the news or talked about in any of our institutes if "higher" learning.
    So be it.

    People see the false human driven religion all around us and unfortunately mistake that for what Jesus would do...
    But nothing could be further from the "truth" that sets people free.
    Jesus hated religion.
    For good reason.
    He is Love and commanded us to do some difficult things,, like loving our enemies.

    Can the Dems love the Reps and vice versa?
    "Only" with divine intervention..

  8. I agree and believe with the world in the teachings of Jesus Chris. Lets get the record straight...Jesus never 'hated' was not in his heart or life...but he did get very angry with the Money Changers that we all deal with every day we go to the bank. John F. Kennedy (His Father a banker teaching him how the world is run) wanted to rout the Money Changers, called the private Federal Reserve Banks, from charging the American Public interest for using our own money. In June of 1963, 5 months before his murder, JFK issued an Executive Order 11110 which was to start to dismantle the FED. He made the statement to his friend Dave Powers that within 6 years he could eliminate the National Debt by taking away the power of the Fed creating money and return it to the Congress as stated in the Constitution. Article One Section Eight Part Five.....We now have a President who understands what JFK knew and today's Democrat Party fights him with every breath..The ignorance of how the world is run by today's State Politicians is astounding. JFK loved the Constitution of the United States and he knew that for it and the American Way of Life to survive the Constitution had to be followed as the 'Founders designed it to be. When the shots rang out in Dealey Plaza our country began a tailspin that has not stopped to this day. This is why I ask the Democrat Party to stop spending all your resources attacking President Trump and reshape and return to JFK's Democratic Party ideas and values and everyone in America will take comfort in Progress, Success and Peace. In closing, JFK went to church every Sunday possible and even when sailing off the coast of Maine he would stop and attend church in Boothbay Harbor...I for one miss his leadership and the today's Democrat Party should also.

  9. JFK had some big foreign policy wins (in spite of the Bay of Pigs). Not so great on domestic policy, dragging his feet on civil rights movement, etc. He was charismatic and inspiring. But history tells us he was a chronic womanizer in spite of his professed Christian faith.

    Thinking that JFK's administration is anything like the current one is very bewildering.

  10. The party of Lincoln? I am hard pressed to name a current republican whom Abe Lincoln would not gleefully strangle.

  11. Go ahead, Marie, throw the first stone.

  12. Bizarre conspiracy theory notwithstanding, Executive Order 11110 had absolutely nothing to do with the fed. It related to silver certificates, and the effect was to reduce the use of those, and increase the use of federal reserve notes.