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Franklin County Republicans present Lincoln Social Feb. 29

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  1. "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character give him power"

    I'm not so sure it (power) can also show a total lack of character

  2. President Trump - - and Senators McConnell and Collins - - sure fail the Lincoln power test. They have unfortunately squandered power and turned it into divisiveness and disaster, just as the Russians and Putin wanted all along.

    Make America Great Again? Hardly.

  3. To the Local Republicans,
    I would ask that each and every one of you would please put love of country above partisan politics and realize what a divisive time we are in politically.
    Thereby maintaining respect for fellow citizens who hold a different view of what's best for the common good.

    Please refrain disrespectful behavior.
    Our national leaders from ALL parties have seemingly gone off the rails of honesty,
    The shameful displays are cheered on by the childish.
    Please take responsibility and act like an adult.
    Be an "activist" and treat them as you want to be treated.

    I promise you, the growing number of us in the middle are watching for who will take the lead towards healing rather than conspiring against truth.

    Dare to be different.
    Please be better.

  4. Just because you are a character doesn't mean you have character.

  5. Power, tests have both positive and negative results.

  6. Biden is getting whooped by an 80 year old anarchist, an alternitive lifestyle soldier, a facsimile representative of native americans.
    At what point do we realize that the Democratic Party is nothing more than a resurgence of " The Village People ".
    Free this, free that. Nothing is free.
    Bring back the values of Amos Tuck and Abraham Lincoln.

  7. Proud Vet (and so am I).
    I provided a correct version of your point below.
    Get used to it.

    """Nancy Pelosi/President Trump - - and Senators/Reps Schiff/Nadler, McConnell and Collins - - sure fail the Lincoln power test. They have unfortunately squandered power and turned it into divisiveness and disaster, just as the Russians and Putin wanted all along.

    Make America Great Again? Hardly.(Thanks to Partisan Politics )."""

    Sorry Proud Vet but blaming it all on one side is childish coming from either side.
    The truth is never in this.

    We The People in the middle are sick and tired of the PARTISAN POISON from both sides.

    Please be better than this for goodness sakes.

  8. Respect is exactly right. Both sides are guilty of name calling. As for partisan politics BOTH sides need to evaluate the candidates and make an educated decision before voting. I’m on twitter and here are a few examples of what goes on from both sides
    First democrat
    Vote blue no matter who. Very uneducated option.
    Troll, bot
    There’s more examples but I will stop there.
    Second Republicans

    Clown emoji
    The rest of the words used are normally descriptive of mental capacity ie.moron , idiot, stupid.

    As an independent I will be voting for the person I voted for last time. My pay check my retirement fund and the economy is doing better.
    In the last few years we have had much more construction in the area as in building homes,roads,expanding businesses.
    As far as the divisiveness goes, I will simply say we need to look at who starts by pointing the finger. It also has been on the increase since 2008 along with the “racism” word that has lost all meaning because if you disagree that is normally the first word used to describe you in those 8 years.
    Also I am another proud vet and people really need to let go of Russia Russia Russia !!! Right now the billionaire that is buying his way onto the debate stage is accusing ol Bernie of getting help from Russia not to mention Hillary brought that up and is now being sued for defamation of character.
    The best way too get info is not from Fox,CNN or any other biased news channel. Go to the internet do research and think for yourself also known as INDEPENDENT.

  9. Another thing I would like to see in our government is all the money wasted the last 3 yrs having to be paid back gia the same people who wasted it. Yes even the money for the impeachment pens.

  10. Respect, have you written the same letter "To the Local Democrats"?

  11. Amanda,
    You asked if I also wrote a letter to the Democrats?
    Yes I Did and it is posted.

    Now,,,, "Your"question is interesting and might illustrate the problem.??

    BOTH sides are on this Childish/Vindictive runaway train.
    BOTH are saying "I'll stop AFTER they stop".
    Like 2and graders. (No disrespect intended for the kids but,,,,).

    Anyone remember the campaign slogan,
    "When thru go low,, ,We go high"...
    Spoken by one of the most vindictive individuals to easily the planet (in my opinion).
    So naturally,,, NO ONE had taken the HIGH ROAD.

    Now we see the Pelosi/Trump Circus.
    And most on both sides are following their leaders.

    But it's not a requirement that we act like this.
    If you do,, do be it.

    I'm only reminding that 2 wrongs never makes a right.

    Who wants to be better?

    The children are watching.
    Can we grow up?

  12. Liberal educators have instilled a "Knowledge Gap" of American values in hopes of their disintegration.
    Winston Churchill stated, "Socialisim is the philosophy of failure" and the "gospel of envy".
    The point is, with capitalisim , we share our blessings(wealth} voluntarily, but under socialisim, all that is shared is misery.
    This "Creed of ignorance", can only stimulate lethargy, the sense of entitlement, and prevent the inspiration of greatness.

  13. Respect, a simple yes or no would suffice. And perhaps some introspection.

  14. America First,
    Great comment.
    I completely agree.

    Good welfare intentions have resulted in much dumbing down. Because they can.
    Those recipients address actually the ones who lose out.
    And that is sad.

    So much greatness stifled.

    Let's reject Socialism
    Vote for Greatness!