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Franklin County Retired Educators provide grant money to foster empathy

Violet and Harlee Wyman reading the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”

STRATTON - At a recent meeting of the Franklin County Retired Educators, staff and students from Stratton presented a report on how they used their grant money this year to foster empathy in the schools. The theme developed by guidance teacher Andrea Drumstas and art teacher Anne Flight was “Building Empathy” in grades K-4.

Sisters Violet and Harlee Wyman read the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” to the retired group. The book led to school activities in which the children filled their buckets with warm fuzzies, that is kind word and deeds, in the form of cotton balls. Both giver and receiver put the cotton balls in silver buckets hanging on a bulletin board trying to fill the buckets.

FCRE provided money to buy the buckets, cotton balls, bookmarks, art materials, etc. In the spring the children will create a birdbath for the school garden.

The FCRE , through their annual silent auction, provides money to one project per year to an applicant. The opportunity rotates around the school districts in Franklin County.

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