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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office weekly report for July 7–14

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office weekly report for the week of July 7 through July 14

Franklin County Sheriff’s Department
Weekly Report July 7th – 14th 2017

7/7/2017 0821hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a single vehicle accident on the Rangeley Rd in Avon. No injuries were reported.

7/7/2017 1434hrs, Deputy Scovil conducted a welfare check on a baby that was in the back seat of a vehicle being driven by a woman who was reported to be smoking marijuana with the child in the car. The vehicle was found and after conducting interviews with the adult occupants Scovil contacted DHHS.

7/8/2017 0005hrs, Deputy Doucette conducted a bail check on Joseph Bergeron (37) of Farmington after he saw him walking away from a local convenience store. A check of his backpack revealed two cold 25oz beers. He was arrested Violation of conditions of Release and transported to jail.

7/8/2017 1417hrs, Sgt. Hartley was contacted by Somerset SO to make contact and conduct a welfare check on a man from Wilton regarding his making suicidal statements to his family. Wilton Police Officer Fournier was unable to locate the man at his residence. He was later discovered on the Barker road and eventually was transported to FMH for an evaluation.

7/8/2017 1939hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to a report of a juvenile throwing a rock at a motorist on the New Vineyard Rd in New Vineyard. The motorist did not want to pursue charges.

7/9/2017 0046hrs, Deputy Doucette came upon an accident on the Glenn Harris rd. in New Sharon. The driver, was under the influence of some sort of narcotics and was uncooperative. She had taken the vehicle from her boyfriend who was staying just down the road. She was charged with operating without a license and transported to FMH to be evaluated because of her mental condition.

7/9/2017 1801hrs, Sgt. Hartley assisted Wilton Police with a report of a domestic disturbance occurrence on the riverbank behind the Franklin Savings Bank.

7/10/2017 0921hrs, Deputy Scovil responded to Green Drake Lane in Sandy River Plt regarding a 911 misdial.

7/10/2017 1330hrs, Deputy Doucette investigated a late report theft of an enclosed trailer from1160 Rangeley Rd in Coplin Plt.

7/10/2017 2114hrs, Deputy Doucette responded to a noise complaint on the lee Rd in Salem Twp. complainant stated that neighbors were lighting off fireworks.

7/11/2017 0859hrs, Deputy McCormick investigated the theft of a wallet and cell phone that had been left on a car on Pleasant St. in Kingfield. As the driver drove off the items fell and have not been located.

7/11/2017 0902hrs, Deputy Morgan responded to a single vehicle accident on South Shore Drive in Rangeley Plt. No injuries were reported however the driver was summonsed for texting while driving.

7/11/2017 1534hrs, Sgt. Hartley responded to the Hinkley Pit Rd in Kingfield regarding a suicidal person. The subject was reported to be making suicidal statements to family members; he was transported to FMH for evaluation.

7/11/2017 1606hrs, Deputy Doucette investigated a report of a theft on the Dodge Rd in Phillips.

7/12/2017 0907hrs, Deputy Morgan assisted State Police with a report of a suicidal person on the Cohoon Rd in Chesterville.

7/12/2017 0912hrs Deputy McCormick responded to the Dodge Rd in Phillips regarding a complaint of one neighbor upset because the other neighbor’s chickens were bothering him.

7/12/2017 2138hrs Deputy Doucette assisted Auburn Police Dept. with a welfare check on a vehicle with a woman with three children who were reported to be late in contacting family members. The vehicle was located in Phillips, the driver was lost.

7/12/2017 2209hrs Sgt. Hartley responded to a car vs. moose accident on Walden Flats in Sandy River Plt. The moose died at the scene the operator was transported to FMH for minor injuries.

7/13/2017 0925hrs, Deputy Morgan investigated a bad check complaint for the town of Phillips.

7/13/2017 1835hrs Deputy Doucette responded to the Lexington road in Kingfield to meet with the complainant who reported that a group of juveniles had been near his vehicle while parked at the dam in Kingfield. One of the kids struck the complainants vehicle with a stick then fled across the dam leaving his companions and his bicycle behind. The complainant did not want to pursue charges but wanted the juveniles parents notified.

Deputies conducted 8 building checks all were found secure; they also conducted 6 elder checks.

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